Get in the MIX

正版新葡新京 members agree that MIX groups are one of the organization’s best member benefits. A Membership Information Exchange (MIX) group is a professional group where like-minded members can focus on a business problem that needs solving, or on topics that could benefit from collaboration among Fee-Only financial professionals.

正版新葡新京 has over 40 MIX groups, and we can help you create one by promoting it to your peers and giving you the tools you need to get started. Most MIX groups meet regularly via conference call/web meeting and may hold an occasional in-person meeting. Your MIX group can even earn 正版新葡新京 CEs and CFP® CEs -- ask how!

If you are interested in starting a MIX group, please contact Heidi Tennant ( with the following information:

  • Your name and contact information (you will be considered the MIX Group Leader)
  • Group name (make one up!)
  • The main purpose(s) of your Group
  • What type of member you’re seeking (career stage/years of experience, role at firm, type of clients served, firm size/AUM, certain software users, those involved with succession planning, etc.)
  • Meetings – yes/no/via email/via conference call-screen sharing/as needed/etc.